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Family Law

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Everybody hopes to avoid a divorce, one of life’s most traumatic experiences. But if you find that you are facing a divorce, you need to know what lies ahead of you in the legal process.

Divorce, separation, custody and most other family law matters are usually emotional and frustrating. The Law Offices of Rick D. Steinberg will alleviate the pain and frustration by getting for you what you deserve. Resolving family law issues does not need to be terrible when you have the right counsel.

At Glojek & Steinberg Law Offices, it is our goal to guide clients through the legal process with compassion and proper direction while helping them to protect their rights and the rights of their children. When you reach the point where terminating your marriage or ending your relationship appears to be the only option, you need experienced counsel to assist you in finding the best solutions to this difficult problem.

Glojek & Steinberg Law Offices assists clients with all legal divorce matters involving families and children.

Their family law practice encompasses the following:

  • Termination of marriage cases, including divorce and dissolution
  • Issues involving children in divorce, such as child custody and visitation and child support
  • Matters arising after the divorce decree is issued, such as enforcement of the decree (contempt actions) or modifications of child custody, child support or spousal support
  • Matters concerning spousal support (alimony)
  • Disputes involving individuals who never married but had children or owned property together
  • Visitation and custody issues involving third persons, such as grandparents
  • Drafting wills and trust formation in planning for the future of a couple’s children
  • Prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements to protect the property rights of individuals in the event of divorce, separation or death


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